12 Oysters Reveal to be open by you🐚12 Ostras con Perlas para ser abiertas por usted

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You got 12 oysters to be open at your home perfect for Birthdays, Friends Reunion, Weddings etc

We packed pearl oysters by vacuum-packed without liquid  A pearl is about 6-7mm

Pearl colors cannot be variable; pearls are randomly selected and sent.the pearls color is revealed - white, pink, purple and black- each color with a different meaning of what it will bring to you - health, success, wealth, or love.

pendant or necklace it's not included, write for lots more than a dozen

Obtienes 1 docena de ostras frescas perfectas para abrir en Cumpleaños, Baby Showers, Reuniones de amigas etc

Los colores son enviados al azar para ser descubiertos al momento en que los abres,pueden ser Rosa,Blanco,Violeta & Negra, son enviadas en empaque individuales con medidas aprox de 6mm a 7mm redondas